Our Team


We are run by a group of high-caliber professionals, with extensive reach in both China and Australia, partnering with some of the most respected professionals in the industry.


Yin Yu 俞茵

Yin has enjoyed a dynamic international career, with a passion in building meaningful connections between Western and Chinese businesses, people, and cultures through her extensive professional reach and unique trilingual mix.

15+ years of experiences in business development, advertising, client relationship, learning & development, mostly in international context. Worked for some of the biggest global corporate, but also known as a serial entrepreneur.

Yin has worked with a wide range of companies/brands both in China and in Australia, including JWT, PepsiCo, Unilever, Microsoft, Pfizer, ExxonMobil, either as an employee or as a service provider/consultant.

Yin moved to Sydney since 2008 after spending four years in France and many years in various cities in China.

She is also the founding president of not-for-profit Chinglish Bilingual Toastmasters Club in Sydney, and an advocate for multilingual parenting in her spare time.



Jennifer Spark 司马珍

With a career in China spanning two decades and across multiple industries, Jennifer has a genuine passion and curiosity for the Chinese culture and language and a desire to help Australian brands make a real and lasting impact in the market.

Jennifer spent five years intensively studying Chinese language, culture and media including two years in Chinese universities.

Her career following graduation included working in advertising, public relations and event management for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Australian Embassy in Beijing, managing two Australian Film Festivals, and many high profile Australia art institutions. Her  clients included The Sydney Opera House, Bangarra, The West Australian Ballet, Garry Van Egmond, The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and many other small and medium sized artistic companies and individual artists.

On returning to Australia in 2006 Jennifer developed a career in management consulting, initially with PricewaterhouseCoopers managing the China desk, helping Australian companies gain insight into market entry strategies in China, and then at Accenture Australia, managing marketing strategies to support the growth of the practice across North Asia.


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